• Provide local support to arctic communities to ensure modern developments and the growth of tourism do not compromise the purity of the fragile Arctic landscape.  Achieve this by using the latest knowledge, insights and technology available and as a result help solve issues that have evolved as a result of globalization in a sustainable manner:
  • Create sustainable solutions for living and working conditions for local communities (water supply, waste management solutions, sustainable construction) 
  • Utilize renewable energy solutions (solar panels, wind turbines, heat exchangers)
  • Solve the growing waste problem through innovative waste management solutions (e.g the arctic toilet, recycling, waste disposal)
  • Inspire opportunities to create a better future for the local population in their unique but fast changing environment, through education, lectures, and knowledge sharing with the local community
  • Develop long lasting employment opportunities including but not limited to eco-tourism) – starting with initiatives to literally clean up the community.
  • Create solutions that provide maximum protection to wildlife and habitat so that all arctic animals and living organisms which have thrived here for thousands of years have a chance of surviving our ever faster changing climate. 


Open landfill near Kuummuit village - by Arthur Glaser


Solar thermal collector collects heat by absorbing the winter sunlight - by Arthur Glaser